About The Style Guy

Who or What is The Style Guy

TheStyleGuy.net is a place where we can all collaborate on mens styles trends and fashion. This site will contain original posts from our authors and will also provide you with articles from around the web. Our mission is to be a one stop shop for everything to do with mens fashion.

The big question on your mind might be, “Is there just one style guy at this site or multiple style guys”. Though the majority of our posts will be written by our lead author Joseph, (aka, “The Suit”) everything written will be a collaboration from our entire team. So why call it “The Style GUY? The style guy is you. We believe fashion and trends are simply what is in, new and popular, but a mans style is all his own. Our mission is to
1. Help you find, refine, and update your own style.
2. help you be known as “The Style Guy” in the circle of your closest friends and family. Every group needs one and you already have a passion for it, so why not you.

If you have a subject matter you would like us to focus on or a question you would like to ask, please go to the Contact The Style Guy page.