Blue vs Black Suits | Pick for today and decide again tomorrow

Blue vs Black Suits | Pick for today and decide again tomorrow

Blue vs Black Suits.

There are plenty of occasions where you will need the traditional black suit. With the black suite requirements being present, every wardrobe requires one. The biggest problem with the black suit is it too often becomes the default suit. Luckily the trends of 2016 are here to be the remedy. Blue and Khaki have always been spring and summer favorites, but more and more men are breaking from the traditions and getting a little more daring. There is nothing wrong with the classic navy but we are starting to see more pinstriped, and electric blues. Let it be clear that nobody’s complaining about it either. Blue is one of the most versatile colors out there, and will look good on virtually every guy. If you find yourself in need of a suit this summer, rest assured that if you go blue, you’ll be right in line with the most stylish men in the world. Blue is quickly becoming the new power suit according to GQ Magazines’ Michael Hainey with Photography by Paola Kudacki. In April 2016 they did a piece called “How to Reboot Your Power Suit, with Liam Neeson”. The pictures are shown here.

Matt Damon Photo By Albert Scherbatsky-01

What to wear with your new blue suit.

Prince William & Pregnant Kate Visit Warner Bros. StudioA calm shade of blue offers a great opportunity for cool and different pattern mixing in the shirt and tie. Blue lends itself to a broad range of complementary shades, like purple and burgundy. A darker blue will allow you the option to add more bold shirts and ties. On the same topic a louder or more electric suit needs to be paired with more subtle shirts and ties. The biggest thing to remember is allow yourself to get out of your shell and show some color.

GQ did a Cover Story with Liam Neeson in a blue suit or “The New Power Suit”. Check it out at Liam Neeson’s Cover Story.

Matt Damon Photo By Albert Scherbatsky
Prince William Photo By Albert Scherbatsky
Featured Image Blue Suit Photo By Elvert Barnes